Looks like it’s receiver set news day, today…

FCC sent over some great pics of their new receiver to tempt us all!

All receivers are branded as Velocity (including the Rainier Arms CNC), except the TNW CNC upper.

 photo AK-UR001-CNC-TNW-1_zpsdfb5596b.jpg
 photo AK-UR001-CNC-RAU-1_zps81853d42.jpg
 photo FC-ULR-POF-1_zps9e88c1c9.jpg
 photo FC-ULR-AAC-1_zps1d1c2898.jpg
 photo FC-ULR-AAC_zps494e0f92.jpg
 photo FC-ULR-AP-1_zps9d3aed5d.jpg
 photo FC-ULR-AP_zps903e94d1.jpg