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My friend John carried out an initial evaluation of Orga’s Flat Hop on the weekend.

Here are his findings. The Tac’d hop featured here had been bedded in over a six month period (at the very least). The full Orga hop had been bedded in that day.

John used Green Devil 0.25 BBs. Both barrel groups yielded 305 FPS (measured with 0.25).

The first time I saw the groupings, I said to John I couldn’t draw any conclusions. John’s interpretation is explained in his text below and had I not read his interpretation I’d still be wondering what all the fuss was about. All I will say is at this stage, it looks promising.

What I can say for sure is these Orga units are as well made as their awesome barrels. Beautifully CNC’d.

See what you think:

“I set up the test in a large hall, away from wind and precipitation. My range was, say, 35 metres or so.

I used a bipod and the same mag, refilled after each test.
I fired 15-16 shots into the targets but only when the laser pointer I was using was properly aligned with the reflectors I chose for bull’s eyes.

N.B. the numbers below DO NOT reflect order of fire. They are merely labels.”

Tac’d 2012 Systema OEM chamber, with Orga CQBR inner:

 photo image_zps8764a323.jpg

Orga flat hop in 2012 Systema OEM chamber, with Orga CQBR inner:

 photo image_zps7e05e315.jpg

“Left and right is more or less identical at 4-5″
but you will notice the difference up and down.
Tac hop spreads at 10″ the orga hop only 5”.

Tac’d hop shots:

Central grouping seems OK apart from shots 3,6,7 and 9. Also notice the two lower shots 14,15 and the two high fliers in shots 1,2.

Orga hop shots:

Central grouping again seems OK, in fact amazing! Left and right are confined to shots 1,3,5,6 and the lowest shot in shot 16 (one more than the Tac test, sorry!)

I am very impressed!

I will continue to use the full Orga combo to see how it goes.

The Tac’d hop has served me well so far and I’ve loved the fact that if my dot is on a torso and I pull the trigger, it will hit 9/10 times.”

I want to thank John for his efforts and allowing me to share them here.