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An extremely thoughtful warts and all blog published last night by PPTW, about the awesome Eagle Eye Airsoft 416 kit.

A better, more honest introduction by a major player in the PTW business I’ve yet to read:

“The PTW market is a curious one, shaped by playing on the notion that the best always costs more. Whether that’s true or not, we, as PTW owners, never talk about the diminishing returns spending extra brings us. But the market is rife with just this kind of proposition: spend more and you will have something 2% better than something which costs 50% less. There did not seem to be one single product on the market where you got more than your money’s worth…until now.”

This is a refreshingly different way to sell to PTW owners and something that’s been missing until now.

Rather than saying, “This is the best, because it’s expensive…” (which is a bit like saying, “This is the best at being expensive…”), PPTW is simply saying that you get a lot more for your money with the EE 416; it makes every pound spent worth more, when compared to its competitors.

I think this will figure greatly in the decision making process of potential 416 buyers, because there is a silent majority of sophisticated PTW owners who think more deeply about their purchases than simply, “What’s most expensive? That’s the one I like!”

Whether you’re interested in the 416 or not, take a look at PPTW’s article. It’s a good read:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos