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Looks like another few PPTW Hogues going to good homes.

I’m a big fan of PPTW Hogue grips and I thought this post on their Facebook page was rather thoughtful. With prose like this and PPTW’s own blog, they are fast becoming the thinking man’s arbiter of PTW taste:

“What is it about Hogues which has caught the imagination of PTW-fanatics everywhere? Is it the fact they pop up in pics of SOF blasters? Is it the way they exude quality? Is it their supreme ergonomics?

One thing is for sure, they take a lot of work to bring them from RS accessory to PTW must have. And that’s reflected in the price.

So, you also know when you see a Hogue on a PTW, that the user has made sacrifices to source the best grip on the market: The True And Original PPTW Hogue.”