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Hats off to Project PTW’s balls deep approach to sourcing new products. They took a risk on Eagle Eye Airsoft’s 416 kit and it looks like it’s paid off. The finished product shows that it’s a real contender.

You can read PPTW’s write up in their blog, but I’ve summarised the salient points here.

True, PPTW is a business and their blog is an excellent marketing tool. However, I know Stu well enough to understand that he doesn’t recommend any old shit. If he says this kit is good, then it is good.

“Motor fitment is good. Very good. It easily compares with the more well known brands on the market, if not betters them.”

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“Only one issue was experienced: the selector lever’s depth clearance. This is overcome by machining the selector slightly.

Gearbox fitment and alignment is spot on. Fit between upper and lower is also fantastic.

There is a lot of play at the front take down pivot, between upper and lower receivers. Upon first look, this was a major concern. No one likes slop in the receiver. However, once assembled the play between upper and lower is negligible – barely any movement or gap.

This equals the fit of other well known and “gold standard” receivers sets…”

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