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More pics of FCC’s new hop have been released and there’s been a lot of chat about it on FCC’s FB page – tending towards the origins of the design.

Reading between the lines, I think this an MDD style hop in externals only. The MDD was invented in the UK by Marcus Dodd and was originally put into production to CTW spec by STTS.

Whereas there aren’t many positive comments about the STTS version in the PTW community, I’ve used the bespoke PTW version – made for me by Marcus – and I was impressed.

Here’s what Francis from FCC has to say on the subject:

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However, the big difference with the MDD hop is the way the adjuster cage is held. It’s a two point design, whereas FCC’s model uses a spring, I am reliably informed.

As such, I would say this is not an MDD hop – although it would be tempting to think so from the form factor.

I do like the numbers on the dial and some users will be pleased to know it utilises the standard barrel.

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