The latest salvos in the current 416 war were issued today. Eagle Eye published pics of their upper, mated with an RS 416 RIS and a Geissele 416 SMR.

SGT went with some pics of their receivers in the final stages of the curing process, showing off the upper’s anodizing, along with the array of RS spec accessories they can provide.

Interestingly, SGT has chosen to replicate the newer 416 barrel which HK has been producing since 2007. It’s still steel, but the profile makes it lighter.

Now chaps, somebody needs to do a high quality 416 SMR, because the RS is like hen’s teeth.

Eagle Eye:

 photo 995196_342068632603180_861965501_n_zps357f141c.jpg
 photo 1374956_342068525936524_1160823704_n_zps7172bbd4.jpg
 photo 1378040_342068702603173_1188670427_n_zpsca58f7e3.jpg
 photo 537984_342068745936502_2088832016_n_zps332a13ea.jpg


 photo 1174555_601293056576323_743749083_n_zps9dc560f1.jpg
 photo 1236575_601284839910478_1720373067_n_zps46fff683.jpg
 photo 1374995_601292093243086_1482034338_n_zpsd2702586.jpg
 photo 1239694_601284836577145_1323346843_n_zps574d2c03.jpg
 photo 1379690_601263003245995_1658421364_n_zpsa0a92683.jpg
 photo 1380577_601263006579328_636903732_n_zpsed76fae6.jpg
 photo 1378727_601290549909907_1121497939_n_zps568b29fa.jpg
 photo 1237950_601290613243234_1802782866_n_zps336c1d90.jpg
 photo 1376440_601290553243240_869000014_n_zps4e1c3eed.jpg
 photo 954688_601290603243235_1071514449_n_zps7ea8b9c4.jpg

SGT upper with RS RIS:

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