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Project PTW has the new Eagle Eye Airoft (also know as TWM – Taiwan Made) 416 kits in stock – some of the first in the UK, I’d wager.

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One of the most interesting comments I’ve read about the Eagle Eye kit concerns the precise fit of the RIS on the barrel nut. The tolerances are so precise that it’s been compared to the fitment of the Geissele SMR. Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of the SMR and Tackleberry recently proclaimed it to be the best rail he’d ever fitted – high praise indeed!

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So, I’m expecting great things of this kit. Looking closely at the photos, I can’t even see any obvious CNC marks and the finish looks sublime. Almost a shame to Krylon it.

I think if the upper was available as a separate unit, I’d be tempted.

Check out Eagle Eye Airsoft’s Facebook page

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