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I was lucky enough to see a DSG-enhanced gearbox in use on Sunday. Built by Tackleberry, using the Siegetek product.

I’ve always viewed extremely high rates of fire as a bit of a novelty, but I was intrigued to hear how a PTW needs to be modded in order to get the best out of a DSG.

Of course, because each cycle of the gearbox is only half that of normal, you can’t achieve a decent FPS out of an M90 – the spring which many UK users use. To reach the standard 350 FPS, you have to use an M130 or M150 – depending on barrel length – and a steel cylinder.

I recently had what I’d call the “Ultimate Tackleberry PTW Upgrade” installed in my most recent PTW refresh.

At first, when I had the DSG in my hand, I was sceptical about the concept. I had thoughts running through my head about how much damage running the gear would cause. What would the cost in repairs be from testing this? I swayed myself with the thought of it all being in the name of R&D.

The gun had its first outing on Sunday. When I displayed the performance to a number of experienced PTW users, all I could hear was the sound of their jaws shattering on the floor. Needless to say, I nor any of the others had ever heard an AEG fire like this – let alone with an M150 spring.

So, when I entered the battle ground, I immediately noted the huge benefit of the DSG. I had the upper hand over fellow ptw users! The trigger response was greatly improved and it allowed me to get two rounds down range even before some had pulled the trigger. In a CQB environment (within buildings) it allowed me to take shots before defenders or attackers had the chance to think.

As mentioned previously I was worried about damage which the item could cause. I am pleased to say that after my first outing there are no immediate signs of wear and tear and no obvious damage has been caused. Power consumption I found to be the same as usual, with no drastic depletion.

As with everything, there are pros and cons:


The increased ROF.

The increase in trigger response.

Tac modded mags can sustain the high ROF.

The advantage over other PTW users.

Tac modded hop unit still performs perfectly, even under high ROF auto use.

Extremely consistent when chronoed, with a fluctuation of 0.4 FPS across a range of 10 shots.


The upgrade costs. For some it may be deemed expensive, but I think in the pursuit of excellence most of us would take the hit.

It has to be run on either an M130 or M150 spring to achieve any form of normal UK FPS.

You have to remember to fire an auto burst, followed by a single shot on semi prior to splitting the receivers due to line the gears up. You will break something if you don’t!

Empties a mag in the blink of an eye.

There were a number of occasions where I was accused of using auto (even though it was semi) because the cycle time was so greatly reduced. This did get slightly tedious, but it was quick to resolve by saying “No, this is auto” then a small spray (attempted 3 round burst) and listen for the reply which generally happened to be “WTF!!!”).

I will say this now: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! My advice is please wait for my feedback after prolonged testing. Let me bite the bullet and break one of my guns rather than all of us having to!


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