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Massive, detailed update from Tosh – SGT’s frontman – on their Facebook page:

“We will start accepting preorders for our SGT 416 upper kit.
All parts are (except internal barrel dimension) crafted to RS specification, will fit every RS parts.
The base kit will include the following parts:
1)7075T6 Upper Hard-Anodized and coated with Cerakote Firearm Coatings
2)Steel Piston Bushing
3)Steel Barrel Nut
4)Steel 10.4” Low Profile Barrel (issued since 2007) for PTW
5)Steel Gas Block *this part will not have gas hole between the barrel to gas piston to safeguard use for real firearm.
price: 100,000yen (about $1000usd)

Accessory parts will be VFC parts that conform to RS size. You may purchase them as set, or as individually depending on your need. Individual purchases of these parts may end up being more expensive, so please be careful. You might just want to buy the whole set and sell parts you don’t need individually.

Accessory Parts:
1)Gas Piston Rod 3,000yen (about $30usd)
2)Quad Rail, Standard Length (handguard) 10,000yen (about $100usd)
3)Ejection Port Cover Assembly 3,000yen (about $30usd)
4)Charging Handle 3,000yen (about $30usd)
5)416 Style Front Sight 2,500yen (about $30usd)
6)Rear Diopter Sight 2,500yen (about $25usd)
7)Flash Hider 3,000yen (about $30usd)
part 1-7 all inclusive set price: 20,000yen (about $200usd)

Please PRIVATE MESSAGE me through Facebook, or send email to with your email address linked to your paypal account. Let me know what accessory parts you need, as a set or as individual parts. I do know Giessele 416 Rails do fit, however, can not tell if that is true with Daytac replica. I assume it does. Also, write in your request of how you like your upper set up. Please answer all of the bottom, starting from 1 to 4 on your order.
I will then invoice you via paypal with all your order request for confirmation in writing. If there are any changes, please let me know and I will correct the changes.
NO CANCELLATIONS ALLOWED after ordering since each of these uppers will be customized for you and ONLY YOU.

We will custom make these uppers per client’s request. This means,
1)you may elect to create 416D, 416N, 416K, MR556A1, MR223, M27 style uppers. The difference between these are markings, I have put up some photos depicting them.

2) Once you select your 416 type (D, N, K, MR556, MR223, M27), you may elect to have serial number marked on the upper. Some do, some don’t, and it is up to you how you want to have it set up.
a- 416D, 416N has serial setup as 88-XXXXXX, where 88 is product code for 416D, N, K. “X” is the serial number, you may select 6 digits. It seems to be default to have upper serial for 416N and 416K
If you want data matrix code (something like QR code) marked in, please request as DATA MATRIX – YES.
b- MR556A1 has serial setup as 241-XXXXXX, where 241 is product code for MR556A1. “X” is the serial number, you may select 6 digits. It seems to be default to have upper serial for MR556A1.
c- MR223 has serial setup as 143-XXXXXX DE, where 143 is product code for MR223. “X” is the serial number, you may select 6 digits. It seems to be default to have upper serial for MR223.
d- M27 has serial setup as USMC 172-XXXXXX, where 172 is product code for M27. “X” is the serial number, you may select 6 digits. It seems to be default to have upper serial for M27.

3) You may choose the manufacturing (proofing) year. These are the alphabets you see after the proof mark. The date code is as follows:
A=0 B=1 C=2 D=3 E=4 F=5 G=6 H=7 I=8 K=9
For example, the first batch of 416D was proofed on 2005 (05), hence AF. The low profile barrel which we have manufactured were issued from 2007 (07), or AH. I would suggest choosing 2007 to current to fit the actual issue of this type of 416, however, if you like, we will put AF(2005), or AG(2006) as well.

4) Cerakote: you may elect colour of you own choice. I would suggest Graphite Black, or FDE. If you want IR reflective treatment, I can do this only for western countries (I’m sorry, I can not do this for any Asian countries). It will not be Generation II though, since this is an ITAR product. IR reflective treatment will cost another 5,000yen (about $50usd), and can choose black or Tan colour.

We will ship the upper kits starting end of September, first come, first served. This PREORDER PRICING will end this month.”