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My friend Hugh has been planning this gun for a while, although maybe planning is the wrong word? Plotting is better, because he kept the exact spec very close to his chest but went to Machiavellian lengths to secure all the Gucci bits he wanted. I think he’s done a great job, because the whole is greater than just the sum of the parts – uber cool though those parts are, individually. And the whole is what marks out successful, credible Free-Solo builds.

 photo 675770e07900556148bac3215396b472_zps15e21466.jpg

However, there is something else which marks out this build. Something as unique as it is Gucci. Check out the barrel (above) from LC’s Engineering Outpost. Absolutely beautiful and one of a kind. Unless you ask nicely and then maybe they’ll make one for you. LC’s is new to me, so I had a look at their About page on Facebook:

“Engineering Outpost of the Last Chancers

I have been repairing Airsoft guns and kit for over 6 years now, with a background in Engineering and Electronics.
I take pride in building the internals of a rifle up to a good standard. We have all been to a game day and had your pride and joy fail mid game… My aim is to prevent that happening!”

The next section is a price list of standard services and then the bit which will interest PTW users, who like their custom machining:

“Anything else… give me a shout. We enjoy making up custom rifles from parts, machining custom parts, we have extensive machinery available to produce most items. Have a look at the photo album for ideas!”

Here’s their album of the work carried our for Hugh:

PTW Fluted barrel.

So, back to Hugh’s blaster and the high end part naming continues…the major component in this build is the FCC Noveske Gen 2 lower. Difficult to source. On top is a modded LaRue Stealth upper. A cheeky Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle is tucked inside. The receiver set is accessorised with an FCC BAD ASS fire selector (Hugh favours the long arm version) and an Airsoft Surgeon trigger. Dirty! A Magpul grip finishes the lower – along with a pair of dummy anti-rotation pins which were fitted by Project PTW when the lower was refreshed. Magpul MBUS are also installed.

 photo 593f373eff85d21944a3132b9faee454_zps6487f447.jpg
 photo b180d56a63ad2ed166ecdc112b0c07b0_zps8e38d99a.jpg
 photo a8aa5054288cf3ae0448f6714b90cda7_zps7a5c0529.jpg
 photo 522ff78673004595351c13f5dfdf82d6_zpsade94ad3.jpg
 photo 5a3bacdddece65fef2ee218ad5798272_zps710990cd.jpg

Up front, we have the part which, along with the barrel, helps truly define the build: a Centurion Arms CMR tube rail in 11″ flava. A truly modern tube – narrow OD and a barrel nut which does not require timing. Sublime. Hugh sourced this from Arc Precision (the same place where I bought my Geissele SMR). I believe that this is the first CMR to be seen on a PTW build in the UK. It’s certainly the first one I’ve seen – so bragging rights for Hugh (as if he didn’t have enough to brag about already!) A repro LaRue gas block is tucked under the rail. Details, details.

 photo 70301ad40049578fa5138fa772f07989_zps8dc3e2a4.jpg
 photo d6fdff7235e36f56e42edab4278e1b0d_zpsa88e7845.jpg

Lastly, the powerhouse of this build is 100% Tackleberry. Hugh bought this PTW in early 08 and since it’s been Tac’d it hasn’t skipped a beat.

I’m looking forward to skirmishing with Hugh soon and seeing his new blaster for real.

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 photo IMG_4078_zps953407d0.jpg
 photo 4de9511ab6669dc559f0989436ff52d0_zps92bd007a.jpg
 photo 5ec17386f513b15ac91650cee9a95969_zps9bd5afeb.jpg
 photo d9a98c4a937c8248111062fc767a9922_zps8e1b8519.jpg