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I’m incredibly pleased at how my Noveske: Reloaded build handled and performed today.

The performance lies in the robust Tackleberry magic which underpins this blaster: I originally bought it from Tac in 2010 as a factory build, with all the usual mods – including moisture proofing, which we’ll get to later. The powerhouse is the Tackleberried motor which has been running like a freight train, under hard-use conditions, without service or repair. The cylinder is also Tac modded, as is the hop unit – which is brand new and came with a CQBR length Orga inner barrel.

Two of the components new to the build are the Daniel Defense fixed rear BUIS and the Hogue grip. Initially I was concerned the fixed rear sight would be too in-my-face. But it wasn’t. Using my Aimpoint H1 with both eyes open, the BUIS simply melted away. What can I say about the Hogue grip? Kitten soft in my hand – gloves or no gloves. If Andrex made an AR15 grip, this would be it.

As for the other controls, the FCC race trigger was reprised from the previous instance of the build, as was the BAD ASS selector; although this time, I opted for the short arm lever. The lever had also been Cerakoted by Suzutomo Gun Tailoring. My own little piece of Hyperreal Über Gucci. An ever-dependable Magpul RVG sits up front, anchored solidly via the KeyMod system of my 11″ Noveske NSR. At the rear, a Magpul CTR. Standard issue on my blasters.

As for snagging, everything worked extremely well. The hop has already started bedding in, after a bit of fiddling in the morning. The Hogue…I can’t shut up about the Hogue. It’s so tactile, it makes the gun unputdownable. Definitely worth the money.

Today’s warm, wet woodland game was an excellent test environment for the gun – not least the moisture-proofing, which is still holding strong, three years on. The pic at the top of this blog shows the gun drying out, in the style I learned from Tackleberry.

So, no changes required to this setup. Just the satisfaction of a good day’s testing.

On to the next Reload, with my Super Modular Rail based build.