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Just spotted this on FCC’s Facebook page. These receiver sets are part of FCC’s new Sportline range of high performance, high quality, but lower budget products. This suggests to me that the niche of these receivers is pitched somewhere between the OEM Systema set and the tier 1 billet sets made by the likes of Prime, Suzutomo and FCC themselves.

The coating looks like Cerakote, but it is in fact a super flat, heavy duty industrial coating. The trades are interesting, because they depart from the normal mil styling of many aftermarket sets. These are classic shape, cast sets with CNC shaping – but with modern markings: BCM, Mega, Rainier.

Velocity OEM’d products have been on the market through FCC for a while and have built up an excellent reputation – so I’m expecting great things of these receiver sets.

Interestingly, the sets also come complete with charging handles – which is a nice extra:

“Tired of using greyish stock receivers? Want to stay in style without costing an arm and leg? FCC has created a budget solution for you. Our cast-alloy and CNC finished receiver sets provide the precision and look at a fraction of the cost of the FCC 6063-T6 receivers! Special coating finish with precision laser and machine engraving. Compatible with T.W., Celcius, DTW and Systema platform components. Package includes the upper, lower receiver, charging handle with steel latch, forward assist plunge and mock pins.”