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I’ve always said, if I buy another Eotech, it will be one of the XPS series. The Hit Takers upper will need an optic and I think the XPS is the best fit for that – both aesthetically and functionally – but I’ll get to the latter.

Following on from my blog which talked about the T1 trending In The Wild, Eotech’s answer to the T1 is also conspicuous in pics of SOF. You can read about the improvements Eotech made to the XPS series, in Kyle Defoor’s blog.

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For me, the improvements which matter are the built in riser and QD (EXPS only), the reduced footprint and the improved battery storage. This is now transverse, or latitudinal, as opposed to the longitudinal battery compartment of the 5-series.

As to why I’d choose one of the XPS series over a T1 for the Hit Takers upper? Although I prefer the T1 99% of the time, 99% of my airsoft was played in woodland. I find the Eo reticule two busy for woodland and I have trouble zeroing it for pinpoint accuracy. However, I find I acquire close-up targets faster with an Eotech and prefer it for left handed shooting. This makes it better, for me, for urban – where snap shooting and switching shoulders is the bread and butter.

So we’ll see. First I have to source one for a reasonable price…

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This blog is lucky enough to have a readership which is a lot more knowledgable in the mil area than me. One of these readers, Jake, provided some notes to accompany my more superficial approach. I think Jake’s notes will be of value to those more interested in the substance behind the SOF switch to the EXPS:

“The EXPS3-2 is replacing the 553 as part of the SOPMOD programme, which is why it’s becoming more and more prevalent.

The are a number of differences between models in the XPS-series. Mainly, the EXPS3 has a built in QD mount and a lower 1/3rd co-witness whereas the XPS has a screw mount and features absolute co-witness. The difference between the 3-1/3-2/3-3 is the dot; 3-1 has the traditional Eotech reticule, the 3-2 has the same one but with two dots in the middle (lower is ranged to 500m) and the 3-3 has just the single dot a’la Aimpoint.”

Many thanks Jake.