I’m hoping to be in a position to blog about the authentic trades and forge markings Suzutomo Gun Tailoring (SGT) can offer, in the next week or so – when I receive pics from their frontman, Tosh.

Until then, I spotted these pics of forge markings on an SGT Colt M4A1 receiver set in Project PTWs blog:

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The receiver set in question belongs to a Team Cobalt player, Andy.

The Cerakote finish depicted is more than evocative of Colt’s Type III hard anodise, which should please my friend Jay; having recently discussed the validity of gun coatings like Cerakote on mil PTW receiver sets.

To me, the colour matching, expert application and toughness of the Cerakote, along with the forge markings and authentic trades (which are CNC’d, but which SGT makes appear to be rolled on) is redolent of the ‘hyperreal’. This receiver set is seen to be a perfect – almost too perfect – simulacrum of the RS. From PPTW’s blog:

“Just look at the detail in the Suzutomo Co Ltd upper receiver. Cast markings and stampings in all the right places. This CNC’d receiver for the PTW is more “RS” than Stu of PPTW’s personal converted RS upper!”

I’m looking forward to seeing one of these ‘Hyperreal Steel’ receiver sets up close.