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I’d not paid much attention to the release of this stock, earlier this year. I run Magpul CTRs on all my guns, despite never needing to adjust the reach. I suppose a collapsible buttstock has other positives. With a modded buffer tube, it’s easy to change batteries and being adjustable you can better find the correct reach for you. Also, it means you can compact your blaster to a greater extent, for transport.

However, I suddenly took notice of Magpul’s newest stock when I saw Project PTW’s pic, above.

Here’s the press release and pic, issued by Magpul, from Weapon Evolution:

“We’re happy to announce that the MOE Fixed Carbine Stock is now shipping to dealers and distributors.

Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) is a line of firearm accessories designed to provide a high-quality, economical alternative to standard weapon parts. The MOE line distinguishes itself with a simplified feature set, but maintains Magpul engineering and material quality.

The MOE Fixed Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec Model provides a fixed, non-collapsing stock option for carbine-length buffer tubes. The MOE Fixed Carbine Stock has a slim profile, improved cheek weld, and multiple sling attachment options, and is compatible with the ASAP Plate and PRS Extended Rubber Butt Pad. Installation is non-armorer and does not require the castle nut or lock plate to be removed.”

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There’s a first look at the stock at Firespeed Tactical, which highlights the weight saving the new stock affords.

Another advantage of this stock is it effectively hides the OEM Systema silver buffer – if that’s not your thing. So you can save a few quid on an RS buffer conversion.

My only concern is the battery change. I asked Stu at PPTW how easy it is:

“Not bad, either remove the butt pad, two skt cap screws or just remove the pinch screw (flat blade screwdriver). I would have to check dimensions but the buffer tube could possibly be modified to combat this, but it wouldn’t be worth it in my opinion.”

Now shipping, at PPTW.