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I spotted this beautiful detail on the fightclubcustom Instagram feed, a few days ago (really, really worth subscribing). I just cannot keep up with the FCC boys! Constantly bringing trending, innovative new kit to the table; either through their product line or through their personal builds.

This shows the front end of one of Ming’s blasters, rocking a Tactical Unity Fusion Mount – which is a modular mount:

“FUSION is a modular, multi-purpose mount designed to give the end user extreme flexibility in mounting options. It was engineered from the ground up to provide a strong mounting base with the widest range of configurations while remaining lightweight and inexpensive.

The system consists of a base with several accessories adapters. The current offerings encompass a wide range of current devices to include lights, lasers, optics, and ancillary equipment. Because the mounting system is standardized we are able to introduce new accessory mounts as equipment and TTP’s change, reducing time to market and maximizing effectiveness.

FUSION was designed to maximize the use of rail space while remaining lightweight and low profile. The hub is constructed from precision milled 6061-T6 aluminum that is then Type 3 anodized in black or FDE for durability. The interface points are very strong and provide for a very rigid mount. The picatinny rail hub has 4 mounting surfaces; a top surface, forward surface, and two wing surfaces. All wing accessories are reversible.
The combination of equipment configurations is immense and we will continue to add accessories to expand the capabilities of the system.”

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Download the PDF, here.