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The best advert for FCC’s product range is their array of personal blasters.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This one ticks all the boxes. It could be a Hit Takers blaster. It’s the right kind of two tone (with Hipster Grey). It rocks a cut RVG and the no BUIS look. It’s current, it’s trending and above all else, it looks like it handles like a bad ass.

It features FCC’s replica of Midwest Industries’ Gen2 tube. With an OD of a mere 1.5″, this is one of the slimmest and lightest rails out there. I had the RS version and its an absolute joy to hold and makes any blaster really pointable. Amoom uses the 7″ version in this implementation.

Barrel length here is 7.5″ and I suspect Amoom has used one of FCC’s own aluminium barrels for extra go fast.

The PTS licensed Rainier Arms compensator is slightly recessed and really sets off the whole.

A truly thoughtful free solo build.