photo FCCMIGen2_zpsfdad47d5.jpg

The long awaited FCC MI Gen2 tube is here!

Available direct, from FCC.

If you want to read more about MI’s super light, super slim rail, take a look at my review and install. The FCC version will install in much the same way.

As you’ll see from the way I installed mine, I like to get the torque wrench out – but armourers have been tightening barrel nuts for 40 years without torque wrenches, so if you don’t have one just make sure you do it nice and tight!

From FCC:

 photo bae29e3ce4e7c4f3ac274b18102402af_zps1c7776a1.jpg
 photo b0fa96cbb8e387d366e5f967a605e3da_zps2e83ee2a.jpg

From RS world (rear):

 photo 490a5faf4cd63e816470e99ce0d8c260_zps8e4fdc65.jpg

And here are some pics of my MI rail installed.