I ordered a bespoke FCC Tango Down style grip from Project PTW a few days ago. Remaining true to PPTW’s standards of customer service, the grip arrived today via Special Delivery.

On first look, the grip is a winner. I’ll do an in depth review when I get around to fitting it (I also want to compare it to G&P’s version). What I’ll say for now is the polymer is impressive and I really like the raised texture on the grip’s surface. Looks pretty authentic to me. The polymer is also extremely good quality.

The grip is accompanied by a polymer motor base plate. However, the base plate doesn’t accommodate those of us with adjustable motors. It’s a shame, because it’s a really nice item and features a cool FCC logo. Instead of using the FCC base plate, the grip has been expertly custom machined by PPTW to accept the OEM base plate.

The FCC-provided replacement base plate screws will come in use, though. Lots of people round off their OEM ones. For future releases, I’d really like to see these replaced by Torx heads – or a separate Torx head screw set being made available.

More, soon.

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